Metal Table Leg

Cast iron table leg

Cast iron table leg black coated, height 72cm. different sizes available according to table top size

Antique table legs

Antique brass cast iron table legs, height 72cm. 3 feets and 4 feets available. welcome custom, both color and package.

Cross Table Legs

Cross Table Legs. aluminumn material, chrome ss color, diameter 50cm by height 72cm. welcome custom table legs from Hyperbetter

Black powder coated table base

This is Heavy duty black powder coated table base for rectangle table . perfect for coffee table and dining table top marble or granite heavy materials. the tube could use square and round two designs.  welcome customize

Brushed round SS table base 

Brushed round SS table base , diameter 50cm by 72cm height. welcome customize for different table top size.

 Brushed square gold SS table leg

Square Brushed square gold stainless steel table leg, 50x50x72cm, brushed finished and welcome customize

Heavy duty dining table leg

Heavy duty dining table leg, brushed gold stainless steel dining table leg. 40x70cm, Height 72cm. welcome customize